Adorable Girls Camping Party: Snores and S'mores

When you're  a girly, girl who wants a real camping party, of course, the design must include pink and glitter! Check out how Zperfect Party added just the right touches to this #girlscampingparty and the cuddly #racoon is too cute for words.

For more of details of this party, visit the featured blogpost at The Party Wagon. For information on products and services, visit #Zperfectparty or

And when you are planning a #sleepover #party, don't forget to have extra tooth brushes and tooth paste on hand:

Ideas for a Girl's Pop Star Idol Party

So, your child wants to be a #rock star. This 8-year old birthday girl wanted full on #pop-star style party,  like the popular American Idol TV competition, with makeovers for everyone and a karaoke finish with her favorite Taylor Swift song. Check out how it was done.

1. We say Go Big, or Go Home!
No, we are definitely not talking about the guest list.Wannabe rock stars need a lot of attention so unless you have an unlimited budget to hire a team of personal Beauty Assistants to primp the guests in a timely manner, we recommend you  keep your guest list manageable. Starlets don't like to be kept waiting!

We say go big with one element of your party,  such as the cake, the stage or another design element.  Here we feature a  number 8 pinata which also doubled as a photo backdrop.

Go to Oh Happy Day and learn how to make one of these large Pinatas yourself.

2. Stage the Entrance:
Create anticipation and make everyone feel special upon arrival at the party.  And by all means, treat the entrance with theme decor.

Contestants wait to get into the Audition style party.
3. Going to Hollywood!
Let the guests make an entrance with their own Idol-like pass.

4.Make-Up, Nails and Braid Bar Stations Keep Everyone Busy

5. Craft Activities Double as Photo Props

Guests got to select a pair of sunglasses were given rhinestones to personalize them. This craft  is a hit every time and is easy for girls to do unsupervised. If you would like to host your own Idol like party, visit

Rockstar Party Crafts: Glitter Guitars

Looking for an activity for your Rock Star Party Guests?  Guitar Decorating  is an easy arts and crafts project that kids of all ages will enjoy and be able to master.

These guitars were glittered up by Pat at Zperfect Party and used for a Shake It Up themed party. Not only do these guitars make for a fun craft, but they also serve as a wonderful photo prop when the kids are finished.

You can buy 3-dimensional stickers, jewels or Sharpie brand pens for kids to embellish them. Have fun and keep your guests jammin.

Dad's a Rockstar: Get Free Printables!

Father's Day is just around the corner: for those of you who think your Dad Rocks, here is a nice way to celebrate with some fun props that could be used for photos, table decor or a zillion other ways. Hop on over to our friends at  Three Little Monkeys Studio for theses outstanding freebies!


Great Pirate Party Food, Fun and Games

With the success of Jake & the Neverland Pirates, the classic pirate party is once again a big hit with the kiddos.  When making plans for your pirate party, we recommend a new twist: a  pirate rockstar! Music is such a big part of the Disney show's success why not find a way to include it in your child's pirate party.

While treasure hunts, maps and digs, reign supreme and are the expected party activities, here's a chance to do something different and give your pirate crew the chance to sing and dance with a intrument-bearing pirate or play the Disney Junior Jake & the Neverland Pirate band soundtrack.

Check out these fab pirate party ideas boys and girls will love right here:

#1. Treasurer Bags hold Gold Doubloons and Lunch to Go
Make sure your pirate food is yo-ho, ready "to-go" friendly. Little people are grazers and having cute bags to pack a lunch or put found treasurers  in is essential! Moms will thank you.

#2 Let them make and float there own Pirate Ships
What little buckaneer doesn't like to imagine they're sailing the high seas in search of ye old treasure?  Row the boat and rock the boat!

3. A sea-fairing table and treasure chest for everyone!

I love the way these customized pirate treasure chests came out! They are the perfect size for pint-sized lunches.

#4. Hire your own Pirate Music Band

Seems kids and adults love pirate music.

#5 Anchor Jake's Musical Pirate Ship Buck on youbuffet!

This is one economical way to decorate your party and reduce, reuse what you already have on hand.

#6. Don't Forget the Treasure Map
This birthday pirate loves cookies, so he got just that in the form of a large chocolate chip cookie cake. An economical way to celebrate. Fresh baked individual cookies were ready for passing out to the hungry pirate cookie with extras to take home.

Ahoy Mateys! Keep us posted on your own pirate rock parties.

Cake Pops Sticks with Hollywood Style

Fashion alert: Just wanted to share this exciting new party styling product with you from Parties In Style ! If I were planning a rockstar, princess party or Girl's Night In...I would definitely order some of these treasures for dressing up my dessert bar!

 In fact, I am taking advantage of this week's pre-order special and will definitely find a way to use Sparkle Sticks!

Check 'em out. Use Sparkle Sticks on your cake pops, marshmallow pops or even dress  up donut holes!

 If you buy some and do something fun with them, please share your pics with us. A little bling goes along way around here. Party on peeps!

Rockstar Party: Fun activities and favors!

If you are looking for a super fun activity for your party guests or just a great take home gift,
how about these personalized Bubble Wands from Monogram Muse Gifts? Get them with your guests name on them, wrapped and ready to go.

Check out the color and packaging options available at Monogram Muse Gifts.

 Kids of every age love bubble wands and who doesn't want to be a kid? Have an extra supply of bubble solution on hand and you can easily refill them for kids to take home! Great for any outdoor party.